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Baton Rouge General’s expert physicians, skilled nurses and other professionals use leading-edge technology to deliver personalized cancer care in an atmosphere of hope and encouragement. From detection and diagnosis to treatment and recovery, all our resources combine to develop a comprehensive treatment plan specifically for you.


Pennington Cancer Center

Baton Rouge General's Pennington Cancer Center is the region's first accredited and only comprehensive cancer program. Our confidence comes from our vast network of physicians, including doctors who specialize in diagnostic imaging, surgical oncology, reconstructive surgery, genetic screening, medical oncology, radiation therapy and a host of other specialties. Rest assured you are in good hands at Baton Rouge General.

Whether you are a patient, survivor, family member or caregiver, we welcome you. We know this is a difficult time, but we are here to help you on this journey. Through research, education and outreach, we are fighting cancer every day and hoping for a cure.

Services Offered

At Baton Rouge General’s Pennington Cancer Center, we understand that cancer can be complex and overwhelming.  While considering treatment options, specialists and steps towards recovery, we want to be there to help you and your family navigate your cancer journey.

Our patient navigator is available to help you every step of the way.  She will be your confidant, your friend and your guide offering advice, support and direction.  She will also ensure that you have the resources you need to make the most informed decisions and receive the best possible care.  She can assist with:

  • Providing support and guidance prior to diagnosis, during treatment, and after treatment
  • Education, understanding treatment options, managing potential side effects and symptom management
  • Assistance with community resources such as: 
    • Arranging transportation to and from appointments
    • Accommodations for out of town guests at conveniently located hotels at discounted rates
    • Financial questions and resources
    • Communication with children and other family members
    • Support groups

“It is an honor and privilege to reach out to folks in our community and help them in a very real way.  Whether it’s answering questions about treatment, lending an ear, arranging transportation to radiation or directing folks to support groups, I am here to assist you in whatever you might need.”

 - Kaley Benson, Patient Navigator

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The Advocate
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Learning that you or a loved one has cancer can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What questions do you ask? What does it all mean? During this time, it’s comforting to know you have a team of caring experts by your side to help navigate your cancer journey. Our Cancer Wellness program will provide you with the resources and insight you need to make the best decisions for you and your family along the way.

Our program starts with a two-part orientation:

Part One: Cancer Basics
During your cancer orientation, our skilled staff will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Cancer Wellness program overview
  • Typical treatment options
  • Available resources
  • How to talk to your doctor
  • Identifying your support system
  • Coping skills

Part Two: Cancer Nutrition
Nutrition is an important part of your cancer journey. Both the illness and its treatment can affect your appetite and can affect your body’s ability to tolerate certain foods and use nutrients. Eating the right foods during and after treatment will help you feel better and stay stronger. During the nutrition class, you will learn about:

  • Nutrition during treatment – appetite, fatigue, nausea, smells, taste
  • How treatment will affect your appetite and sense of smell and taste
  • Foods that can help you battle fatigue
  • Ways to deal with nausea
To learn more about Baton Rouge General’s Cancer Wellness program, please call (225) 237-1900, or click one of the available class dates below to register.

2015 Class Dates:
Patients and their family members can also take part in these additional programs:
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Fitness And Nutrition
  • Arts In Medicine
  • Pastoral Care 

Depending on the type of cancer you are facing, your physician may recommend therapy during or after your treatment. Much like nutrition, exercise can play a significant role in fighting your cancer, expediting your recovery and decreasing your chance for side effects. Your doctor may recommend rehabilitation and therapy with therapists or group fitness programs.  Some of the services we offer for cancer patients include:

For more information on our cancer services, please call (225) 763-4050 or (225) 381-6520 or email

Because of you… cancer care is now available in Zachary.

With a shared commitment to serve the needs of the community, Baton Rouge General Medical Center and Lane Regional Medical Center have partnered to open a state-of-the-art Radiation Oncology Center on Lane’s campus in Zachary. The center brings together the strength of a nationally recognized comprehensive cancer program and cancer treatment experts, physicians and caregivers.

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and having convenient access to high quality cancer care close to home can help ease the challenges of treatment and recovery.

For more information, call (225) 570-1212 or visit