Safety and Avoiding Falls

There are many things you can do to avoid injury to your new joint after surgery. Survey your home before surgery and consider the following suggestions to ensure a safe environment for your return home:

  • Wear nonskid footwear. Slippers should have a back and a rubber sole to provide the best traction when walking. 
  • Remove obstacles such as rugs, electrical cords and clutter. Be mindful of small pets and uneven floor surfaces.
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting in all areas of your home. Night lights and flashlights should be used, especially in hallways and bathrooms. 
  • Use elevated seating surfaces if needed. 
  • Use chairs with armrests to help you get up and down. 
  • Stand up slowly from a sitting position, in case you become dizzy. 
  • Change positions frequently to help avoid stiffness.