Outpatient Rehabilitation Specialists 

Kali Aucoin, PT, DPT

  • Physical Therapist since 2010
  • Trained in dry needling techniques
  • Areas of interest include orthopedics and women’s health

Eddie Austin, LOTR/PT

  • Occupational Therapist since 1999
  • Physical Therapist since 2003
  • Certified in manual therapy and dry needling
  • Pursuing Ph.D. in biomedical engineering
  • Areas of interest include orthopedic, neurological, and foot/ankle treatments 

Claire Dean, PT, CAE

  • Physical Therapist since 2002
  • Certified in office and industrial ergonomics
  • Certified Pilates instructor
  • Trained in active release techniques and kinesiotaping
  • Areas of interest include ergonomics, wellness, orthopedics, and manual therapy


Susan Giglio, PT

  • Physical Therapist since 1979
  • Experience working with women’s health issues including incontinence, pelvic pain, obstetrical back or neck pain, and postpartum pain since 1990
  • Certified lymphedema therapist
  • Registered Yoga instructor

Chris Perkins, LOTR

  • Occupational Therapist since 1991
  • Certified in lymphedema treatment and fitter for compression garments and devices
  • Coordinates the Baton Rouge General lymphedema support group
  • Instructor for Healthy Steps Lebed Method exercise program for cancer survivors
  • Areas of interest include oncology/cancer rehab, scar and wound management, ergonomics, wellness and manual therapy

Rachel Pope, MA/CCC-SLP

  • Speech-Language Pathologist since 1988
  • Certified in LSVT®LOUD treatment and vital stim
  • Provide modified barium swallow assessment and treatment plans
  • Areas of interest include stroke and brain injury, head and neck cancer, and other neurological disorders leading to communication and swallowing deficits