Frequently Asked Questions

Finding out you or someone you love has cancer prompts a number of questions. What's going to happen next? What kind of doctor do I need to see? What is treatment like?

The best weapon you can arm yourself with when it comes to fighting cancer is knowledge. To even further ensure that you are aware of every resource available to you, we've provided a database of cancer information - from where to start to breaking news about nearly 40 different kinds of cancer.

To help you find the answer to these questions, we've compiled a panel of some of the city's finest experts--radiation and medical oncologists on staff at Pennington Cancer Center. Below are several commonly asked questions, but if you don't see the answer to your question, simply email the question to Your identity will not be publicized in any way. Our physicians will simply post the answer below and you will receive an email once the answer is posted and ready for viewing.

Here are some frequently asked questions on: