Reconstructive Surgery

on May 21, 2013
Over the years there have been many new discoveries about breast cancer.  Some of these have lead many of today's women with breast cancer to choose lumpectomies rather than full mastectomies, if applicable.

However, for women who undergo a full mastectomy, which is the full removal of the breast, reconstructive surgery may be considered.  Reconstructive surgery is done by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with experience in breast surgeries, and can help rebuild the shape and look of the breast.

Women who elect to receive reconstructive surgery often do so because:
  • They want their breasts to look more balanced when wearing a bra
  • They want to permanently regain their original breast shape
  • They don't want to continue using external prostheses
Choosing to have reconstructive surgery is a very personal choice, and one that should be considered carefully.  As with most plastic surgeries, surgery may not fix all of the things you didn't like about your appearance prior to the surgery.  It may also take more than one operation to complete the process. 

Talk to your plastic surgeon extensively before the surgery about their experience with reconstructive breast surgeries and what you can reasonably expect from the results. If you do not already have a plastic surgeon, we can help you find one.  Visit our doctor directory by clicking here

If you do decide to undergo reconstructive surgery, you should consider and discuss with your doctor when you should have your surgery--during the mastectomy or after cancer treatment is completed. The timing of your surgery is most dependent on your personal health, although you may be asked by your doctors to make that decision based on personal preference.

Surgical Services at Baton Rouge General

Baton Rouge General is home to state-of-the-art surgical services with capabilities in plastics and reconstruction at both campuses. Between our two hospitals, we hold 20 surgical suites, all of which are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by staff members who are cross-trained in all services. And for those in need of same-day surgery, our dedicated outpatient suites provide a comfortable, convenient stay during your short stay.

For more information on arranging your reconstructive surgery at Baton Rouge General, please call (225) 237-1600, or email