on May 21, 2013
Brachytherapy, also known as internal radiation therapy, is an option for some patients in place of traditional radiation, which sends radiation beams from an outside source.  During brachytherapy, small radioactive seeds or pods are carefully placed near your tumor site, so as to disturb as few healthy cells as possible.

To insert the seeds or pods, you will be admitted for surgery (usually same-day surgery) so that your doctor can use imaging and applicators to make sure the seeds go in the correct place.  Brachytherapy is usually used on patients with either breast, prostate, skin or cervical cancers, but you should ask your doctor if brachytherapy might be right for you. 

At Pennington Cancer Center, brachytherapy is common for many patients.  Our staff and radiation oncologists are well-versed in caring for those with brachytherapy and have some of the most state-of-the-art technology at their disposal, including Mammosite®. 

As the first hospital in Baton Rouge to offer Mammosite® technology, Mammosite® uses a form of brachytherapy technology to deliver low-dose radiation to breast cancer patients and decreases treatment time from 5-7 weeks to just five days. 

For more information about brachytherapy options at Pennington Cancer Center, please call (225) 237-1600, or email