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Baton Rouge General's legacy is rich, our technology is state-of-the-art, our facilities are outstanding and our quality is top-rated. But it's our people - a community of compassionate, caring individuals - who set the bar when it comes to healthcare excellence.

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The General Health System (GHS) Benefits Program works for you by allowing you to select the options that are best for you and your family.


  • Health Insurance: Our premium and consumer-based healthcare insurance plans are available to meet the needs of you and your family. All full-time employees are eligible for health insurance on their date of hire. Our plans offer a simple co-pay structure and 100% coverage on most services provided at a GHS facility.
  • Dental Insurance: Our dental insurance plans allow you to see any dentist, anywhere, with 100% coverage for preventive care every six months.
  • Vision Insurance: Our vision insurance plan premiums are affordable and easy to use with a preferred provider network that includes individual optometrist and ophthalmologists and major retail businesses such as Walmart and Target.
  • Cancer & Specified Disease Insurance is a supplemental policy that provides income if you or a family member is diagnosed with cancer or any other disease as specified by the plan.
  • Critical Illness Insurance is a supplemental policy that provides benefits for 11 critical illnesses. The amount of coverage is chosen by you, and your dependents are covered under this policy as well.


  • Company Paid Life Insurance: This policy is available for all full-time employees with one year of service with GHS, and is valued at one time your annual salary (capped at $50,000).
  • Salary Supplemental Life Insurance: This policy gives you the option of purchasing life insurance equaling up to five times your annual salary.
  • Optional Term Life Insurance: An affordable policy in the amount of $10,000 is also available.
  • Interim Disability: This disability policy is a company-paid and funded benefit for all full-time employees with one year of continuous full-time service. The policy is a one-time payment and pays up to 60% of an employee's base annual salary after the total disability absence period has exceeded 60 days and will continue to pay through the 90th day of the disability.
  • Long Term Disability: This company-paid policy is available to all employees with one year of continuous full-time service. The policy pays up to 60% of an employee's base salary after the total disability or absence period has exceeded the policy's 90-day elimination period.
  • Short Term Disability: This voluntary disability policy allows employees the option to pick their benefit amount up to 65% of their base salary with a maximum benefit of $6,000 monthly. Coverage begins on the 15th day of the illness or disability, and benefits are paid up to 26 weeks (6 months)


  • Flexible Spending Accounts: This benefit offers employees a reimbursable pre-tax savings account available for dependent care and / or medical spending expenses.
  • 401K: Employees are automatically enrolled in our comprehensive 401(k) retirement plan. Eligibility begins at the beginning of the pay period following 30 days of employment. Employees have the option to contribute 1% - 100% of their annual salary, up to the legal limit. The organization will also match 50% of the first 6% of pay contributed by employee after one year of employment and 1,000 hours worked.


  • General Paid Time (GPT) Off: This benefit combines accruals for vacation, holiday, and sick time into one flexible plan - you choose when you want to take time off. GPT accumulation begins upon hire for all regular full-time and regular part-time employees and is calculated per pay period, based on an employee's FTE value and hours worked. (capped at 80 hours bi-weekly)
  • GPT Cash-Out Programs: This benefit offers employees the opportunity to forego a portion of their GPT accrual in exchange for a monetary payment.
  • Jury Duty: The organization recognizes the responsibility of employees as citizens. Employees summoned to jury duty will be allowed approved time off with pay.
  • Bereavement: This benefit allows full-time employees up to three regular scheduled days leave of absence without loss of pay in the event of an immediate family member’s death.


  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): This program is designed to assist employees and their families with concerns related to physical illness, mental or emotional disturbance, chemical / substance abuse and dependency. The EAP also provides assistance related to marital, legal, or financial concerns.
  • Employee Health Office - FREE office visit with nurse practitioner for all employees.
  • Employee & Family Clinic: All employees are able to utilize the services offered at the four locations of the Employee & Family Clinic. Discounted co-pays apply for GHS health plan members.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Full-time employees are eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement or reimbursement of national certification exam fees, after 12 months of continuous full-time employment.
The vision, philosophy, and mission of Baton Rouge General's Compensation Program is to provide a competitive and comprehensive compensation program that meets the needs of our employees by recognizing and rewarding their professional performance, contribution, and development.
  • Competitive, Market-Driven Base Pay: Our pay philosophy is based upon local, regional, and national standards with a focus on your job and qualifications.
  • Performance-Based Pay Increases: Our employees are rewarded for exceptional performance with higher-level merit increases with annual performance reviews.
  • Success Share Bonus Program: We recognize that our organization succeeds only when we as a whole thrive. In recognition of this organizational principle, our success share bonus program offers our employees an individual and organization-based performance reward each year our patient and financial goals are met. Components of the program are performance-based, with exceptional achievers receiving higher-level bonuses.
  • Comprehensive Shift Premiums: Our shift premium policy recognizes and rewards our employees who care for patients in a 24-hour, 365-day environment. Specialized premiums are available, depending upon position and department, for: 
    • Evening
    • Night
    • Weekend
    • Weekend programs, with additional premiums for working primarily weekend shifts
    • Charge
    • On-call - market competitive rates, based upon specialty area
    • Call-back - compensation at time-and-a-half for call-back opportunities
    • Organization-recognized holidays
  • Competitive PRN and Resource Pool Rates: Our internal resource pool provides attractive and competitive rewards for employees taking on PRN and Resource Pool opportunities.
    • Freedom-Tier Programs: RNs taking part in the freedom-tier programs earn progressively higher hourly rates, based on the number of hours they work during each pay period.
    • BRG Agency: RNs taking part in the BRG Agency programs are compensated at market-driven, highly competitive rates rewarding nurses for serving in various areas of specialty throughout the hospital.
    • Unit-Based PRN programs: RNs interested in unit-based PRN programs are assigned to a single unit, and receive competitive flat rates.
  • Professional Development Rewards: Our focus on professional development is evident in our recognition of professional development, certification, and responsibility.
    • Clinical Ladder Premium: Registered nurses demonstrating exceptional professional service and growth are eligible for the three-tier clinical ladder program with hierarchical base rate premiums.
    • Certification Premium: Registered nurses and other clinical professionals who attain designated national certification in approved areas of responsibility are eligible for comprehensive base rate premiums. Reimbursements are available for certification exam expenses.
    • Charge Premium: Registered nurses and other clinical professionals who accept additional roles and responsibilities are eligible for rewarding base rate premiums.

The Baton Rouge General Rewards Program is the ultimate indication of our dedication to the satisfaction, engagement, development, and well-being of our employees. The Total Rewards Program is recognition that Baton Rouge General can provide you with more than just a job - we can provide you with a better and more fulfilling career and life. 


  • Baton Rouge General Fit!: Baton Rouge General values not only your professional growth and performance, but also your well-being. Baton Rouge General Fit! provides valuable information and resources for overall health management. Services include free biometric screenings, health risk assessments, on-line healthy lifestyle services, an employee fitness center, and a broad array of health and wellness programs at a nominal cost. Free nutrition consults for eligible employees.
  • BRG Fit approved daily chef table discounted meal with employee ID badge.
  • Employee & Family Clinic: All employees are able to utilize the services offered at the four locations of the Employee & Family Clinic. Discounted copays apply for General Health plan members.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Our EAP is designed to assist employees and their families with concerns related to physical illness, mental or emotional disturbance, chemical / substance abuse and dependency. The EAP also provides assistance related to marital, legal, or financial concerns.
  • Financial Wellness: Baton Rouge General promotes not only the physical well-being of our employees, but also the financial betterment of our employees. Employees' payments are directly deposited in their checking or savings accounts for ease and peace of mind. Regular financial wellness seminars are offered for employees who wish to seek greater personal financial growth. Bayou Federal Credit Union has an on-site location at our Mid City Campus for all of our employees' desired services, and is available to all employees.
  • Telehealth: Baton Rouge General Online Physicians is proud to be one of the first clinics in the market to offer telehealth services – online doctor visits – to staff (and their dependents age 16+) who participate on Baton Rouge General’s employee health plan.


  • Flexible Positions are available to fit your personal needs and work / life balance including Full-Time, Part-Time, Reduced Part-Time, PRN and Resource Pool
  • Paid Time Off is available for personal, family, and health-related matters
  • Shift-Based Scheduling is available including weekend programs and 7 On - 7 Off scheduling opportunities
  • GPT Cashout Program offers employees the opportunity to forego a portion of their GPT accrual in exchange for bonus payments


  • Educational Opportunities: We value your professional growth and provide our employees with opportunities to attain additional education related to their profession through reimbursement programs that include tuition and national certification exams
  • Service Excellence Reward & Recognition: Employees demonstrating exceptional teamwork and patient care are recognized by the President/Chief Executive Officer, in ceremonies attended by leaders throughout the organization.
  • Employee Recognition Weeks: Celebrated by many areas and departments within our organization
  • Career Development: Throughout the organization, we provide career ladders and job families to support our employees' careers.


  • In-House Pharmacy Discounts: Enjoy generous discounts on over-the-counter drugs and supplies
  • BRG Cafeteria: Take advantage of our employee discount programs in our Baton Rouge General Cafeteria
  • PayActiv: Access earned income and financial services in real-time with MyMoNow by PayActiv, a voluntary employee benefit for BRG employees.

When it comes to where you work, you can have it all at the General.

When you come to our campuses, you know what to expect –– state-of-the-art facilities and healthcare services. But we are most proud of our people and the diverse amenities we offer that make your experience working for us an exceptional one.

MODERN Outdoor Gym and safe 1-mile walking path at Baton Rouge General’s Bluebonnet location.

INCREDIBLE Boutique gift shops with thousands of unique gift ideas for every occasion, or if you just want to treat yourself!

FRESH gourmet meals prepared by executive chefs.

#1 IN GREATER BATON ROUGE for Overall Medical Care.


Employee wellness program including fitness training and nutrition education

Convenient, on-site employee pharmacy 

Friday Lunch Live concerts

Access to over 700 physicians with online health record access


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